Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweetness into Rant

This is where I have to pull myself up short, and take a look at where I'm going with this current run of musings on a particularly sweet season. This line of reflection can very quickly descend into toxic nostalgia. I've got a full pitcher of it sitting here, just waiting for me to pour another glass half empty.

What happened then, was that I needed to run away from an ugly environment, and I did. Let me repeat that for emphasis: I ran away. And it was not the first time that I had done so, nor would it be the last time that I would do it. It's not one of those admissions that you wear on your sleeve. It's not a point of pride.

Escape. That's what it is. And there's a huge part of me that wants to do it again right now. But it's not just me. I talk to several casual friends on a fairly regular basis. Even the couple of folks who are committed obamanaifs, are just spooked. And truth to tell, even the LA Times isn't exactly gushing praise on teh prez. I was not a huge Clinton supporter, even though I voted for the guy both times. I remember being irritated by the impeachment business. The guy was a sleaze. It's not surprising that the kind of men who are compelled to seek great power and influence, probably have voracious, predatory sexual instincts. I don't think the nation as a whole was well served by the whole business. Call me a prude, but maybe we were better off in the days when such stuff was swept discretely under the media rugs, to allow the commander in chief to do his job. Gore was just too creepy for words. I was used to voting Dem, but somehow, when I got into the booth that year I just couldn't do it for Gore. So I jumped ship from the donks, and voted a straight Republican ticket.

Especially, I voted for Bush. I don't want to belabor the point, but consider the media's eight years of vitriolic, unapologetic hostility to George Bush. First off was the 'stolen election' meme, which lasted from the election all the way to early September. The man was allowed decent media treatment for a short while after 9/11. But when the bombing of Afghanistan made it clear that this Texan was going to- you know- actually hit back, the gloves came off, and the media plied their trade like so many wormtongues, poo flingers, and slander masters, and in more than one case, had no problem with an outright lie or two, letting a secret slip, or publishing a little open propaganda for the enemy. Nothing in any of this has changed, incidentally.

And the same hate machine is now in reverse operational mode gushing out oceans of froth to try and cover up for the fact the teh prez we got now is a lightweight; He ain't up for the job; he's in over his head. We elected a charming fellow with all the intellectual depth, and about two thirds the wisdom of Sean Penn, or Cher. If America was a high school, we just elected to send the Homecoming Queen to represent us in the academic decathlon. I didn't like the thought of losing the election, and seeing the Dems take over. But I figured the country would keep chugging along regardless. I didn't think much of Obama, but I actually hoped that he'd get in there and do a good job. I figured he'd be a guy I'd disagree with a lot. I didn't figure he'd be a guy so shallow, so naive, so incompetent, and apparently thin skinned, petty, and vain. Oh, and rather lazy. In short, This guy is worse than a sharp Democrat in power. Obama is like some dude who went up a few times in his buddy's Cessna, and once even got to try the controls! Well, the dude has just been jumped into the pilot's seat of a 747 in bad weather, with a whole nation of scared, and/or pissed off people on board.
What the hell are all these buttons switches, and dials, and stuff? What's that thing do?
Oh, yeah, he was just too busy this last few weeks to select a flight crew... oops. So his reaction is to get on the PA, and announce how he's never done this before, he can't figure out how half the shit works, he doesn't have a crew, but he'll get the hang of it sooner or later, and in the meantime, he's totally stressed out, so Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, and don't panic.

Besides there's three or four hours worth of fuel left. In the meantime, Fight 93 is available on your screens for a slight fee.

So, like a lot of people I just sorta want to run for it, or something. But now there just ain't no place to run.

Oh- a note to potential trolls, should you show up. Don't bother. I'll just nuke the post, and supress your freedom of speech. Because I can.



mushroom said...

You're right. I mean we expected socialism, we expected a certain amount of inexperience, but so far this has been a joke. He doesn't get the whole executive thing, and neither does anyone around him. It's crazy.

julie said...

Going back to the flying metaphor, it's like he thought he could just hit the "autopilot" button, a couple of inflatable dudes would pop out of the dash to do all the actual work (including landing, when it comes to that), and he could just party down with all the cool kids in first class.

Sal said...

May I steal that metaphor, please?
Best illustration I've heard yet.
I'm telling you- he's a chastisement.
So to everyone who ignored all the warning signs and voted for a cheap Chicago pol just because he'd be the first black President: How's that historicity workin' out for ya?

wv: tyagick. Yep.

xlbrl said...

If the choice is between a successful revolutionary or an incompetent Leftists, I'll hope for an incompetent Leftist, but settle for an incompetent revolutionary.
But he may still become a successful revolutionaty. Governing is not what they actually do. Lenin, Stalin, Fidel, Hugo, Mugabe; what they do is rule.