Friday, March 20, 2009

Promise of the Future

This is the future you were waiting for.
Bubble tops, fins, and note the horizontal antennae that can skewer some hapless bird, and barbeque it on the radiator. And V-8's. Or gas turbines. Maybe even atomic power.
I want the future as it was promised 50 years ago.
Like this:

It didn't get here. How about a ride in a nice flex fuel, partly electrical hybrid, runs on used vegetable oil, no pollution, guaranteed not to heat up Gaia, save the earth, thirty horsepower ecomobile (seats three) instead?

Fuck that shit.

And you can go here for more of the coolest cars ever built.

***UPDATE, and Added Note: While you're over there, check out the 1955 Lincoln Futura. Where have you seen that car before?

That's all for this first day of spring.



Ricky Raccoon said...

Hear! Hear!
Growing up I loved watching the evolution of the Corvette.
I still do.

mushroom said...

This is one of my frequent complaints, John. You and I are just about the same age. Some places will now give me a senior citizen's discount without seeing my driver's license.

One of my favorite production cars was the Cougar, early 60's, I think, with that undercut back window. I thought that was so cool.

mushroom said...

On a related note, Ford engineers apparently used one of my older sister's brassieres for the headlights.

Robin Starfish said...

All that and whitewalls too. Any of those old concept cars is better than the crapsters that cruise the streets now.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Aye! The problem today is, they just don't got any style or substance.