Saturday, March 14, 2009

Short Post for a Short Day

The sun made a weak attempt at coming out sometime around three thirty, or so this afternoon. We're having that silver spring weather I was talking about the other day. It looks like the part of Wizard of Oz where they're all still in Kansas. The school district was having some sort of Saturday morning district wide open house of some sort. Most of the students, and parents had left when I got to the Jr. high, just before noon. We had half a day to put the school back together after the gathering: Move furniture. Dump trash. Rearrange, and clean a few rooms. (the hard part) Roll about fifteen racks of folding chairs from the quad to the multi use. Some of those racks of chairs, and quite a few of the folding tables are as old as the schools they came from: late fifties/early sixties. The casters are worn, the wheels don't wheel so well, and the loaded racks are gut busting heavy. The newer equipment, bought in recent decades is falling apart.

Andy was in charge. He knows what he's doing. So does Martin. We got the place back in shape, cleaned up, and locked up, and that was the day.

Or half a day, actually.

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