Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Browser bash

I may come up with a real post later, but for now- a question on browsers. Normally I use ie7, at least that's the version I think I have. I can depend on it to freeze up a couple of times a day. Then click the X- nothing. Right click the thing at the bottom. Repeat two or three times until the "this program is not responding" box shows up. Then the "Send error report" box needs a couple of clicks. And then I go back on line and everything's groovy until the next crash.
So I downloaded Firefox. But everything looks funky in Firefox. I set the wfb to post in Verdana, and Times shows up. The text is too small, and pushed way off to the left, and the photos are out of focus, and fuzzy looking. And I have to re-size the zoom for every site I visit. I finally got Flash to run in Firefox but it took an act of congress to get it done.
Anyway- I just got a call for work so the rest of the day is ruined. There will be no real post, and I have to go get some lunch.



mushroom said...

In firefox, go to tools/options, then open the content tab. About the middle of the box you'll see a thing on fonts. Open "Advanced", there's a checkbox to force pages to use your selected fonts or to let the page pick them.

You may find that making some adjustments there gets you what you want.

I use firefox all the time, but with version 3, probably one of my add-ons -- I'm guessing adblock or noscript -- cause periodic crashes. Personally, I'm willing to live with it for the enhanced security.

jwm said...

Thanks a bunch, mushroom I still have the text box way over on the left, but I got the font and font size fixed to my liking. I think I'm responsible for the shift in the text box, just like the white background. That happened when I added the site meter.