Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save Gaia Day Or Else!

Zambot 3

The heatwave broke like a stick. Yesterday was enervating. Today refreshing. Cool, not too cloudy. You know how every now and then you feel like you're off by a day? The sense that time is out of joint. Like when a Wednesday feels like a Thursday, and you almost have to remind yourself what day it is. On rare occasions it works to the day's advantage. When a Friday feels like a Thursday, every time it occurs to you that it's Friday you feel better. If Thursday feels like Friday, then it's all to the worse. Anyway.

I've had that 'time out of joint' sensation recurring, only it's on a seasonal scale. I keep getting the feeling that it's late summer. That soon it's going to cool down, and the days will start to draw short. But it's the middle of spring. We're well past equinox, and hurling headlong toward the solstice. Summer is coming. Maybe it's part of The Inversion. Yeah, I'm still on that kick. It didn't take Sal, Ricky, Mushroom, and Walt any time at all to find more examples. And I got a bit of an Orwellian creep out today, speaking of The Inversion.

I woke up thinking it was Tuesday. But it was Wednesday, and I forgot to take the trash out. I got it in time, had coffee, and when Mary got back from her walk we had breakfast as always. She has a busy day on Wednesdays. I was getting ready to go out walking when the phone rang. It was eight O'clock. Couldn't be work. It was work. Can I get over to Stephen King Elementary? Yeah.

Today was Earth Day. Kids had sad Earth with frowny face shirts. Save The Earth Shirts. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. They made a giant mural- land, river, trees, out of trash. It looked like shit. Had all the charm of a grade school kid reciting political talking points. Classes came in to look at the giant mural. WOOOOOW! WOH, COOOOL. I think the kids knew how crappy it was, though. Hard to tell. It wasn't about creating anything. It was all about shame. Your plastic milk bag will last 100 years in the environment. Your aluminum can will take 500 years to return to nature. They don't seem to define "return to nature", but whatever it is, it'll take your glass bottle thousands of years to do it.

It starts to sound suspiciously like the immanent lethal, hideous dangers of second hand smoke.

Learn why it's bad to make trash. Make something ugly out of trash.


And the Mars Rovers? Perhaps they fade from memory, become rumors, and later legends to be dismissed as fairy tale.

OK- that's it.

I'm getting off this kick for now. Mary just got home. Screw Earth Day, today is our ninth anniversary. And we have had nine pretty damn fine years together. The best nine of my life, that's for sure. We're going for sushi at Sushi from East. Mary's friend Susie took us there for a wedding present nine years ago. It's still one of our favorites


walt said...

Put those *inversions* on hold and have a grand time!

julie said...

Happy Anniversary, John & Mary - I hope you guys have a wonderful evening!

Ricky Raccoon said...

I tried singing this song in the car again this morning, like Tom sings it, and I lost-it on “Mary” again. I don't know how he does it.
You see, my wife’s nickname is Mary. That’s a long story too…
Anyway, Happy Anniversary, my friend.

Robin Starfish said...

Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine. Have a fine one as you two head for ten!

Zambot 3 said...

Please keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this toy. Can’t wait to see more of this from you. I just brought these item at PIJ! I’m excited very much to get this! I’m going to have another one in this week!