Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Arrives (and none too soon)

Once again I find myself typing words on the computer in the morning instead of in the afternoon. And just like yesterday the cat got me out of bed before I was really ready. And just like yesterday I have the long grind of the night shift waiting for me. And so it goes.

As long as I'm struggling with trying to come up with some content I want to thank both Walt, and Mushroom for their feedback and for their blogs. Walt has an uncanny knack for selecting tight pithy pieces of wisdom, and Mushroom's earthy approach to faith and scripture transcends cloying pie-in-the-sky platitudes, and delivers the grit of real world religion. Good stuff, gentlemen. Your words have meant much to me. Thank you.

And tonight will be the last night of this assignment. Monday, the new guy takes over the run. I wish him well. He's young- early twenties, and he wants to earn money to get back to college. Actually, I hope they hire him on full-time. He seems like a decent sort, and this position would give him the chance to make a decent income and stay in school at the same time. It's tough, but not impossible. I did it when I was in college.

And the good news, too is that there will be another position opening at the end of June, and that should slot me in for the summer. Of course, nothing is certain, but things have a way of working out just the way they are supposed to. You do the footwork, pray, and leave the results up to God. Oh, yeah, like that's easy. Easy like walking a tightrope. Just put your foot in the right place, and gravity takes care of the rest. Just put your foot in the right place. In the mean time, it'll be nice to resume a more slackluster routine for the next week. I have a lot of stuff I've been musing about, but I need the vacuum of empty time to put the musings into coherent thoughts, and the thoughts into coherent sentences. Sitting here as I am now, with one eye on the keyboard, and one eye on the clock doesn't work very well for me. And with that, I'm going to get some food, and get ready for the grind.



walt said...

This series of Getter Robos are powerful! When Armageddon starts to get serious (purty soon) I want them on my side!

Hope you get caught up with yerself this weekend. It's amazing how delicious slack can look when yer a working stiff!

And "You're welcome" to your "Thank you," BTW. If those little ditties are useful to someone, then so much the better!

jwm said...

Funny you should mention Armageddon, Walt. I really like the Getters myself, even though I have never seen any of the animated episodes. The giant Getter Robots' regular gig is to fight giant monsters. Bet you never could have guessed that.


mushroom said...

I think I have a drill bit like that somewhere.

I'm behind because of the granddaughter being here this weekend. I agree with Walt, I am looking forward to you having some slack time as well -- and you are very welcome.