Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Loss of Cool Days.


OK, now I need to cool off. I grew rather short tempered with a couple of trolls over at Gagdad Bob's site today. But both were such glaring voices for The Inversion that I just went off. And this when I had more or less decided to get away from the topic.

And, damn it, I'd rather be sitting here spinning off something amusing than getting into politics. But it isn't just politics. It is far more than that.

And it comes back to 9/11.

Remember The Weekly World News? You always used to see it at the supermarket check stand. Every time there was a disaster, the Weekly World News would run a badly doctored photo of Satan's Face appearing in the cloud of smoke. As a side note, I believe even The Weekly World News had the respect not to run such a picture of the attacks on The World Trade Center buildings.

But I, and many others truly saw Satan's face in the smoke of those collapsing buildings. It was the over reaching of unadulterated evil. The veil was ripped open that day, and the true face of the Adversary was revealed. And the sight was a dark epiphany that yanked me untimely from my moonbat worldview.

At first it seemed certain that everyone had seen it. But soon enough it became clear that not everyone had seen it. And as time goes by I find fewer and fewer who saw, and remembered. Because those who Saw it had their lives changed, and the needle on their inner compass was, from that day, drawn ineluctably toward God.

Others, when the shock wore off, began to blame the whole thing on America. The attack did achieve one thing. It drove a mighty wedge down an already widening rift in American culture, and politics. Red state/blue state was born. Early on a phrase came to me:

The alignment of sides has begun.

I believe the Alignment of sides is complete. The rift between left and right is no longer the see-saw of alternating Republican and Democrat administrations. It has come to represent irreconcilable worldviews.

Gagdad Bob has taught me, among many other things, a very good word: metanoia. Metanoia is like crow, only not quite so tasty. It has been a staple of my diet for the last eight years. I have little patience when someone comes by and tries to sell me on the ideas that produced this bitter feed.

Which brings us back to The Inversion. It's the second act, after The Alignment of Sides. And it's on.

And so it goes in the last days of the world as we know it... I did not want to get into this stuff. This is stuff I generally keep to myself, or reserve for one on one communication. But somehow it just came spilling out in a tumble. And so it goes.



  1. I figure, quite literally, that the A-nons and A-trolls aren't worth one of my arteries!

    Actually, your statements over there were very clear.

    Perhaps you just need to delegate: figure some cool internet application for your Getter friends -- and this Dancouga dude looks fraught with potential -- and have them service your intentions, and express your feelings by proxy ... but uh, you know: anonymously!

  2. You're right about the arteries, especially. That will never not be true.

  3. You guys are right, of course.
    And I'm probably giving the trolls exactly what they want, which is to see someone go ballistic. My flaw, there.

    Walt: I actually have such a project in the works. The I had even thought of starting a blog on Wordpress to do it, because I need a venue that will display a full 640x480 picture. I ought to look into it again.


  4. JWM,

    Re, 9/11 in my blog sooner or later I will share my pre 9/11 freaking scary-intense-warning visions and stuff which began in January through Spring. I knew something negative was "speeding up" in the collective and I HAD to share that with someone. Ended up writng 11 page letter ...


  5. I hear you, John.
    Although we live in a blue state, everything outside of Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham, etc., is red, so I rarely see on a personal level anyone remotely like Mtraven or Kos.

    I would like to think that most people like them are just useful idiots, but it gets easier and easier to see the Satanic speaking through them every passing day.

    This ain't just a fringe group anymore, it's mainstream.
    Although I still think they are a minority, if more folks don't wake up that'll be academic.