Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of My Favorite Songs

One of the odd things about Booger the Cat is that she likes music. Especially pretty music. She's not too whippy about hard rock, but a lyrical melody, acoustic instruments, and voice has her up in my lap listening intently to the computer speakers. She really likes this song. So do I. This is not the sort of music that I generally like, but it's one of those rare tunes, and singers that I just fell in love with right from the first hearing. I first heard this song on the clock radio one morning in the spring of 1994. I was having a rare pleasant, and beautiful dream that gently took the shape of the opening bars of this song. I floated up into a half awake, half dreaming state, and the singer's sultry voice, the harmony from the backup voices, and the eerie, syncopated melody poured out into the room like a visitation of angels. As soon as the song ended I got up, and turned off the radio. I didn't want another piece of music to crowd it out. The song just haunted me all day. And I had no way in the world to find out who did it. Some months later I was sitting with the gang on the patio at Mimo's cafe in uptown Whittier. Dimitri, the owner was there having a smoke with us. And this song came up on the background music. The first bars grabbed my attention. I asked Dimitri who that was, and he showed me the album. The song was called "Reward" and it was recorded by Polish singer, Basia. Eureka!

Hope you enjoy.


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