Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Getting Ready for the Show

 Getting Ready for the Show
Lost California. The Elementals
(top, clockwise) Air, Fire, Earth, Water 

Monday 10/3/22 
Where to begin? Let's start with gratitude. I have a lot of recipients, and I'll list them in just a bit. The odd verb "to deserve" keeps bouncing into my inner dialogue, yet each time it begins to linger, I bounce it out again. I wonder what I've done to "deserve" the friends, the family, the marriage to my beloved wife, the opportunity to have my work put on display like this. But that implies a kind of a transactional Karma that rewards intentions, good behavior, and hard work, or punishes the lack thereof. It doesn't always work that way. And it takes luck and fortune out of the game, when we all know from long experience that both are heavy hitters. 
I just don't know. You know?

Figure in Seven

(Me all stoked)
 So let's get to gratitude. Back in the days when people had faces, Vicky Schramm, from WhittierArtists.com  stopped by the house to visit with my wife, Mary. She saw  my work, and was very impressed. Vicki arranged for me to be in this show. Because of her effort this incredible opportunity was literally dropped in my lap. 
I needed a lot of help to get all my work across town to Whittier Art Gallery (check the link!)  My friends from RatRod Riders Bicycle Club, (president)Troy Turner, Penny Stocker, and Russ Shepherd along with Mary's nephew, Evan Winans, and his wife Jennifer, and Mary's niece, Katie Winans and her boyfriend, Javi, all drove a considerable distance and worked their butts off hauling over 600 pounds of rock to the gallery. 
It is a blessing to have such family and friends. I am humbled, and grateful.


  1. Well-deserved recognition John. Congratulations!

  2. Yep, not the same but similar life ending occurrence. God was not done with me yet either.

    Bear Claw