Thursday, September 14, 2023



Remember I mentioned getting a lot of "visits" from Singapore? Last night I was checking the Blogger dashboard, and just happened to click on the comments button. This shows a neat list of all the comments that have been posted on the blog since day one. Guess what I found? The comments were littered with spam, and phishing attempts. I nuked close to a hundred of them. Those Singapore web crawlers are cyber cockroaches that drop their nasty eggs all over where you won't see them. They are products of the human roaches in Singapore who do this out of malice, or do it in hopes of being able to get hold of your data, and ultimately, your money. I wish them the fate of cockroaches everywhere when the exterminator shows up with his spray tanks.

Anyway. Let's get on with the post

Now how's that for a fancy, high-tech, super scientific sounding title? You'd think I was engaged in some sort of highly mathematical nuclear atomic physics  engineering project that could blow up at any moment, and send us all to kingdom come.

What it really means is that the base cut that I made the other day left the stone leaning awkwardly to one side. Now sometimes a little asymmetry is a good thing. Sometimes a little awkwardness can be endearing. But just as often it means that it just doesn't look right.  

I don't always see it at first glance. I did not really notice it until I began rounding some corners, and working the raw rock into a basic shape that will grow into a  finished composition. Nothing precise, or mathematical about it. It either looks right, or it doesn't. It didn't.

 What this meant is that I had to do another base cut. This is not the first time I've had to do this with a project. Even so, it feels like a mistake that I could have, and should have avoided.

But the making the cut was surprisingly easy. A new blade in the bow saw certainly helped. Then, a return to the sanding board, which also went much easier than I thought it would. (hooray!)





Add a little water:

Ready to Rock n' Roll! (note most clever pun!)


  1. The first cut made it look like there should be a figure on the side propping it up. Nice re-balancing.

    It's always amazing how a stone's colors are revealed, simply by getting it wet.

  2. I've seen "the personality of a wet rock" used to mean no "personality"...well, this web site shows that wet rocks have character! Cheers...

  3. I have a new appreciation for the amount of physical work this is John!