Monday, June 27, 2022

Six O'clock Monday

 Six O'clock Monday

The week has been happily uneventful. What? You didn't pay attention to...
No. I did not. 
I did a good job of ignoring the shit show that is politics and current events.
But what about?...
Fuck it. I don't care.
Saturday was the closing reception for the show at the Whittier Art Gallery. I cleaned myself up, put on nice clothing, and attended. I always have mixed feelings about these events. There aren't many young people in the arts scene. The Art Association is mostly old farts like myself. There were a couple dozen people at the event, and most of them, young and old were masked. I cannot stand the sight of people wearing those filthy, ugly goddamn things. My hearing is poor, and all I can make out trying to talk to a mask is "mmmph, urgle muffurtha". I have a very difficult time holding back my disgust for these poor frightened souls. They are fine people, and I pity them. I try to have some empathy; I like them; they are my peers, my fellow artists. I mostly fail.
Anyway, here's progress on the stone for this week.

 The weather is heating up, and work is sweaty, and uncomfortable. Now if we can just get through July, August, and September. 
Patience. The time will pass quickly enough. Don't wish your life away.


  1. One of the things I drop my jaw on is your ability to make things symmetrical. I was on YouTube the other day to see how people make a ball from a stone. Yeah. Not helpful. Think I'd start chipping at it and correcting it until I had a lopsided marble, then a flawed pea, then a pin head, then dust.

  2. Out where we are, the sad thing is the people I see most likely to wear a mask even if nobody else is are teenagers. Maybe it's becoming this generation's version of wearing a mohawk, or maybe it's just that they're so used to wearing one, they feel naked without it now. Or maybe they just like that it covers their pimples, who knows.

    Re. the art scene, in my experience it's always been that way. After I graduated from college, every arts thing I participated in I was usually the youngest person there by a couple decades. Younger people are usually too busy doing whatever it is younger people do; art takes time, and they rarely have it.

  3. Mike- Thank you for the kind words. Symmetry is hard. I always end up doing projects that call for it, and then curse myself for getting into difficult places. Mostly it means getting one side OK, and then trying to get the other to match. Tease it along one stroke at a time until it fits. I learned that for this kind of work it doesn't have to be mechanically perfect, it just has to look right.
    Good points about young folks and art. I have the luxury of time, now that I once squandered away on school, work, tryin' to find a girl, and have a social life. The masking among seniors is pathetic. The masking of youth is horrifying. Something about it raises my hackles, and sets off sirens and alarms. It is a signifier of deep and profound evil.