Monday, July 2, 2018

Dusting off the Blog

It has been a while.
Much has changed since I left things hanging here at the World Famous Blog. My mother has passed away. Mary’s mother is gone as well. I am not sure quite how it happened, but I managed to find myself retired, and in reasonable comfort.
So maybe it’s time to reflect on a few things, tell a story or two. No parents to embarrass, no boss’ office to get called into, no one to say, “You shouldn’t talk about that…”
So we’ll BS about bikes, chat about cats, (I got a great cat story), assiduously avoid politics, and generally endeavor keep things irrelevant. Somebody might even stop by and look at some of this stuff, who knows? First post will be up in a few days.  Maybe with pictures and everything.
Eventually, I’ll have new lists of links, and stuff, too. When I checked in to the blog it was infested with spam comments, so I enabled comment moderation, at least for now. Thanks for stopping by.


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