Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Has It Sunk This Low?

I've been buying soda in these 32 can flats- four eight-packs, from Costco. It comes in a cardboard tray with a plastic wrapper. Mary was using one of the cardboard trays for some bunches of flyers that she was working on. She set it down by the desk, and Booger the Cat hopped in, curled up, and thinks that it is the greatest cat bed ever made.
We should all be so easily pleased. And this, I suppose represents the absolute nadir of blog- resorting to animal pictures for that awwww cute thang in a desperate effort to fake some content. What can I tell you? I'm out of ideas, and shameless to boot. Just be grateful I'm not cheap enough to try and rip off FU Penguin with some snarky narrative directed at the poor cat.


  1. :D
    Both of those look like booger is standing on a ledge, instead of laying on the floor.

    Awwwwww, cute!

  2. I sez: "Nonsense!"

    First of all, there's no bigger moment for a cat than the discovery of a new box. Why not share the fantasy??

    Second, I've hung out 550+ posts since I hung out this.

    You know the Rules: No one can stop!

  3. Booger looks ... well-fed. My old Andy was about that size until we moved to the country, where he began to get a little more exercise. He was getting up in years anyway, so he lost some weight. Still, he was a big cat when he passed on just shy of his eighteenth birthday.

    My two cats are the same way. Drop a box or a piece of cardboard and you'll find a cat in it or on it when you come back.

  4. show me a fat cat
    who doesn't think he owns you
    and i'll eat new york

  5. Yeah, Ol' Booger is chunky. Manx cats tend to be thick and stocky anyway, and Booger is lazy. Oddly enough, the cat is not an over eater. She sits between our chairs at dinner and wants one taste of what we're eating, but no more. I contrast that with the last cat that we had. Big Kitty wanted a meal of whatever we had, and he got indignant if he didn't get one. I always used to throw one chicken piece in for the cat when I made dinner. That one was never fat.
    And yeah, the darn things do act like they own you. And it's pretty hard not to play along.
    Actually, I think we take dogs and cats for granted. Of all the animals in nature- and nature makes a zillion different kinds of animal- only the dog, and the cat bond with human beings. Well, horses do too, I guess. But horses are a different matter entirely. Dogs and cats are companions. Other animals can be domesticated insofar as they may be handled safely, but only the dog and cat respond to the human voice and touch.
    I knew some people in West Virginia who had a very small stray fawn that they had found. When I visited, it was right around two feet tall at the shoulder. It walked in and out of the house, and approached people freely. The little guy would come up to you and start licking on your hands- they like the salt- and would just stand there licking all over you as long as you let it. What was strange, though- you could pet the little deer, scratch its head, or ears, and it would not show any response to your touch. Cats or dogs lean into your hand when you pet their heads. The deer tolerated being touched, but it displayed no sign of enjoying it. If Ximeze drops by she could add a note about the parrot, but for the best part, it's only cats and dogs that cast their lot with us rather than with the forest.


  6. And Walt, that is a hugely cool cat! Looks like the MGM lion. Booger the Cat is a scratcher, too, although she's a lot better now than she was when we got her.