Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knot a Lot to Say

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Synchronicity, or as I like to call it, The Web of Coincidence seems to be afoot these days in the blogosphere. All sorts of things are getting tied together. There is an enormously unlikely sequence of events that led to me being able to create this piece, and I may get into telling that story later on. This artwork is old. I did several of these pieces between 1993, and 1997. This was the first. It is one of the few pieces that I actually sold, and now I regret having sold it. I tried last year to break a long creative drought by starting a new one, but it didn't get far. The pencil sketch is sitting on the light box waiting. I call this sequence John's Impossible Knot because it's easy to begin, and continue, but very difficult to end. This sequence did not come from a how-to-draw-Celtic-art book. It is an entirely original composition, not a copy of anything. But that, too, is another story for another time.


julie said...

oooh, that's beautiful, J. I like all the spirals; I find that when I'm doodling, they come up a lot :)

walt said...


You're "doing The Ben," right?

Get us hooked on Robot Bait, let us "taste" the purty art, and then ...


Backstory, please! The story of how creative projects unfolded is always interesting.

QP said...

Amazing and beautiful, but I could never conceive of doing that in pencil. Now with clay I love to play: the rolling and compressing and elongating and entwining and overlapping and coiling and --> it's made; it's complete! Thanks for the playscape.

jwm said...

QP: It's funny.I can do nothing with clay. It turns into wet dirt the minute I look at it. This kind of stuff is art for those who cannot draw. I could never dream of doing anything like what Julie does. This stuff, once you learn the method, is really easy. In fact I wrote a how-to manual.
There are several out there, but they aren't easy. I wanted to make one that even I could follow. And, Thanks, Walt. Now I know where this is going (I didn't just a few minutes ago) It looks like I'll be writing more on the synchronicity theme tomorrow.


Robin Starfish said...

Knot: A Lot to Say.

I mean wow. Methinks that when the drought ends, you'll be up to your ears in alligators.

Ricky Raccoon said...

It reminds of stained glass windows too. Beautiful illumination, and of scripture illumination.
I just found this.
I see there is a section on celtic illumination.

mushroom said...

Definitely non-doodling, man. That is beautiful.

or, perhaps, as WV says: oustivel.

REX-203 said...

Hey John, just wanna say, I love your knot art. It's really beyond my comprehension as to where it is conceived from, but the finished pieces are pure eye candy. Like Dale Chihuly's blown glass in two dimension.

Good stuff man. :-)

jwm said...
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jwm said...

Let's try again. Things are getting bad when I have to nuke my own post.
Coming from a man of your most formidable talent, that just made my day. You must post a link to your work for the rest of the gang. I'll be putting up some more stuff later.

John M.