Saturday, January 24, 2009

A view from the hills

Whew! I need to unwind a little. I need a little soothing of the soul. Maybe we all do. And nothing does the job like nature. I've been hiking in these hills, walking these trails since 1963. Most of the hills are gone; carved into geometric blocks, and crammed full of housing tracts. Thankfully though, a good portion of this land, including an area we called Powder Canyon, and a three or four mile stretch of ridgeline has been set aside as wilderness preserve. All this glory is hidden right in the middle of the Los Angeles/Orange County megalopolis. Sort of like the last secret spot on the coast. Enjoy.

Haiku by
Robin Starfish
A little more medicine for the soul


julie said...

Hey, that mountain looks familiar! You must not be far from where I spent my Christmas vacation.

jwm said...

It's Mount Baldy the highest peak in the San Gabriels just outside of LA.


julie said...

Yep, pretty close, then. I never knew what it was called.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Very nice, John!
Winter in LA is tough. :^)

Robin Starfish said...

smaug the dragon sleeps
shamballa appears to the
city of angels

raise a toast to our
sisters of the broken arm
ubi caritas

NoMo said...

Kid on a Curb

J Wellington M
pigeons flying high cooing
L A Times for sale!