Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WTF at the wfb. stepping back

I read Joan of Argghh's post yesterday, and it tied in with the last two posts over at Mushroom's. I'll weigh in here, rather than post on both blogs. I too have felt this odd sense of impending doom. Indolence, and Barbarism. I seem to get the flashes when I'm driving. For me the flashes manifest as titles- names for the stages in some huge thing that unfolds before us. 9/11 was The Dark Epiphany. The shock wave resonated around the globe, and set the next phase in motion. What followed was The Alignment of Sides. Sheep to the left, goats to the right. Or was it goats to the left? At any rate, the Alignment of Sides is all but over. The lots have been called and cast. Here we are. We know who we serve. And you see who won the power. Now comes The Inversion. It is impossible to look at pop culture or the media without being drowned in it. Ugly is cool. Nothing is sacred, not even beauty. The Lie owns, and a frightening number of people have placed their Faith in The Lie. Or so it would seem. What will follow The Inversion?

I don't know.

But I'm bettin' it ain't good.

Right now I can't even stand to listen to talk radio unless it's Prager on values, or great issues. Politics is toxic. Pop culture is depressingly ugly. And right now, I just don't want to add another screedy log to the fire.

So, I'm going to drop back into lurk mode for a while.

Maybe just post a pic here and there for a while- who knows?


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