Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little change in the wind

Shifter mount ready for installation on the chopper

February just about set a record for being the most difficult month in memory.My mother's illness, my own bout with some hideous bug or other, my wife's bout with the same illness, no work, and suddenly finding my life on a very short leash has taken its toll on my otherwise less than sunny disposition.
But February is over, the first week of March has passed, and things are beginning to look hopeful once again. For this I am grateful.
I had a couple of days of work last week. That was a good start. But Thursday I had a call from the boss waiting for me when I got in. Something about a long term assignment.
Of course I'm going to take it.
And bit by bit, my mother is regaining her strength. She still needs the walker, but she's fixing her own food again, and the demands on my time are slowly easing. More to be grateful for.

I've been working on restoring the '56 Starlet for Mary. I'm installing a three-speed on the old machine, and soon enough we can get a truck, and join the Cyclone Coasters Vintage Bike Club, and go on their monthly group rides along the beach paths here in the Southland. And the three-speed conversion is coming along nicely on the chopper bike, too. I got the shift mount built, and next I'll start lacing that monster three-speed hub into the big fat rear wheel, and I'll be styling uphill, and down. There is something immensely satisfying about taking on a fabrication project yourself, and pulling it off without taking it to a shop, and paying to have it done. Fun stuff. So for this one day, things are going OK.
God willing they will continue to do so.


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