Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raccoon Prayer

Think about God,
And think about God,
And think everything
You can know about God.
Think about God,
And think,
And think,

God The Creator.
God omnipotent.
God ubiquitous.
God omniscient.
God all loving.
God, and God, and...

God before time
God beyond eternity
God before the infinitesimal
God beyond the infinite
God, and God,
Who wills creation into being
And is the Lord, and God and...

God is before me.
God is beside me.
God is behind me.
God is beneath me.
God is above me.
God surrounds me-
round, and round and round, and...

I open my innermost ear to the voice of God.
I open my innermost eye to the light.
I open my heart to Jesus Christ.
My soul is a spark of the infinite light.
My life is a manifestation of
God within me
flows, and flows and flows, and...

For this one day,
I place my life, and my will in your care.
Guide me,
Instruct me,
Show me the way
That you would have me follow.
Teach me the path
On which you would have me walk.
As this day unfolds,
Guide my heart.
Guide my mind.
Guide me:
And deed
Guide me: emotion, intention, thought, word, and deed.
May the Holy spirit
Suffuse my emotion,
Shape my intention,
Inspire my thoughts,
Temper my words,
And guide my deeds.

It is not what I want,
But what you want for me,
Not what I would do,
But what you would have me do,
It is not my will,
But that yours be done,
That I humbly pray:

Grant me, God, the wisdom
To perceive your will
Unfolding on the events of this day.
Grant me the humility,
To seek your word
As the guiding force of my life.
Grant me the courage,
To walk in the path of your will.

These things I ask in Jesus' name,
That I may grow in the spirit,
And come closer to God.
These things I ask in Jesus' name.

Dedicated to Gagdad Bob, and the Transdimensional Disorder of the Friendly Sons and Daughters of the Cosmic Raccoons, without whom this would not have happened.


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